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Avalanche protection structures by Landslag ehf, Siglufjordur, Iceland

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The design of snow avalanche barriers at Siglufjordur, North Iceland was tendered in 1997 by the local municipality and the state. Hnit and partners were selected to carry out the design and tendering of two avalanche barriers. The smaller barrier is at Jorundarskal, 200 m long and 15 m high, requiring up to 29.000 m3 of material, while he larger one, below Ytra Strengsgil, is some 700 m long and 18 m high, requiring some 320.000 m3 of material. The building of the barriers was tendered in 1998 and their construction was completed in the following year. The barriers are, in spite of their size, not very prominent in their environment and it has been pointed out how well they become a part of the landscape.

Hnit´s partner in the project and the landscaping of the barriers was Reynir Vilhjalmsson and Landslag ehf. Their landscaping was nominated for the Rosa Barba European Landscape Prize where it achieved a special mention, where the theme was called Only with Nature.

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